Quantum Interference on Hold — Announcing Splintered Suns

Happy New Year to all from Broken Knight Games!!!

We are happy to announce that after a few vigorous brain storming sessions we have decided to pause production on Quantum Interference and begin production on a new game, Splintered Suns.  Quantum Interference will see the light of day, but we decided to focus on a more exciting idea that we hope will be received well by all.

Stay tuned for more updates on Splintered Suns!

‘Dog Days’ on iOS

Earlier this week iOS7 was released, but the excitement is not over!  Broken Knight Game is elated to announce its debut title, ‘Dog Days’ is now available on all iOS devices.  This release marks the moment that Dog Days is available on all major Android and Apple devices.

Click here to download Dog Days on iOS

Broken Knight Games would like thank all the people that have supported us throughout our development process.  If it were not for our friends, family, and online gaming communities, Dog Days would not have been possible.

Check back soon to find out what’s next for Dog Days and upcoming projects we will be working on.


Dog Days – Now On Kongregate.com!

In the spirit of bringing entertainment and enjoyment to the world, Broken Knight Games is proud to announce ‘Dog Days’ will be available for anyone (with an internet connection) to play on Kongregate.com. Kongregate is a premier portal for all online games featuring thousands of hit titles from developers across the world.

In this version of ‘Dog Days’ we have optimized the controls so it can be played flawlessly using a keyboard and mouse without compromising any of the game play from the mobile build.

DD Kongregate SS

We are excited to release this version of ‘Dog Days’ alongside our already popular Android version. Thank you to all who have supported ‘Dog Days’ and have spent time enjoying the game.

Dog Days On Android

I am thrilled to announce Broken Knight Game’s debut app, Dog Days, is now available in the Google Play store!  It was a long road to get to today’s release and we learned many skills and lessons about developing mobile apps along the way.  Most importantly, we are extremely excited to share our work with all of our friends, family, and fans (present and future).  It is our goal to spread our love of games to everyone, so I hope that Dog Days is warmly received by every smartphone and tablet user that downloads our app.

For all the iOS users, a release for the iphone, ipad, and itouch is expected shortly.  Apple has been having issues with approving new developers since they experienced downtime at the beginning of the month.  Once they are able to get their services back up and running we will make an announcement.  It shouldn’t be long!

Dog Days is another chapter in the age old battle of cats vs. dogs. In the near future Agent Apollo’s world is plagued by the evil C.A.T Corporation. Everywhere Apollo turns there are C.A.T Corp soldiers armed and ready to neutralize anyone who does not conform to their sinister ways.

Our story begins just as Apollo and the rest of the K9 Force unit are taking shelter in their training facility. Apollo, equipped with the latest suit K9 Force’s engineers have created, will go out to confront the evil C.A.T. Corp minions. On this adventure Apollo will journey around the world, to the deep depths of the ocean, and the far reaches of outer space to confront the CEO of C.A.T. Corp. Along the way enemies of every size and magnitude stand in his way, including the dreaded…Catzilla

Thank you to everyone who downloads this app.  Broken Knight’s primary mission is to make our games enjoyable, so I invite you to leave us feedback (positive or negative)  We will take your comments and work to expand on the gameplay and features in order to deliver an app of the highest quality.


Twitter – @Broken_Knight

Dog Days Artwork

In anticipation of our upcoming release please experience, share, and look in awe at this amazing artwork our artist Ron has produced for Dog Days.

DD bosses

DD Promo icon

DD Apollo Art

Dog Days – End of Summer

The dog days of summer are almost over, but for Broken Knight Games they are just beginning.  BKG’s debut title ‘Dog Days’ will be available on The App Store and Google Play by the end of the month!

Beta testing commenced early this morning with three brave individuals making the trip to BKG’s headquarters.  After hours of playing, fixing bugs, playing, pizza, and fixing more bugs, our programmers were bouncing off the walls making every little tweak and change to ensure the game lives up to its anticipation upon its release.

“This is the best game I am currently playing at this moment” said one of the anonymous game testers, jokingly at the beginning of the test.  By the end of the test and 3 re-builds of Dog Days later, the testers were anxious to see the final product.  One commented, “I just want to see how the story ends, so please publish this app soon!”

Check out our Facebook and Twitter for an announcement in the coming weeks!DD Beta - Game Over